“Let life itself be the inspiration to get in tune with our true selves.
Doing so, we are able to contribute so much to the world …”

Hi, I am Sasa,

Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend. Inspirer. Wellness Coach, Inspirational Storyteller, Corporate Manager and Leader, Entrepreneur, Traveller … all these are roles I take on daily, roles that make my personality complete and my path of life joyful and full of pleasant adventures. Deeply grateful for my personal and professional transformation to which I owe the place I am in, I feel and believe that in order to fulfil my mission in this World I have to follow my deepest values and guidelines. Sharing my transformational stories is the simplest – but yet most transparent and honest way to open new paths to inspiration and personal contentment to each and every individual. With one sentence: I need and wish to »pay it forward«.

As life is the greatest teacher, one’s transformation is the greatest inspiration. These are the most valuable lessons I was offered to learn through searching for something that had always seemed to be missing. Until, one day, I have finally realised that listening to my heart and intuition, acting accordingly might be difficult at first – but with times it gets simpler. And the more I was becoming in tune with myself, the better I felt. Let me show you how I did – and still do it.

Sasa, the Inspirer

365 Days with My Global Inspirers:
A rainbow of 365 world citizens’ stories, a story back to my true Self.

This project is a true story of a young perspective woman going through an intense transformation from being a victim of everyday rush and drama to being an empowered inspirer, taking lead in her own life and enjoying everyday challenges in order to grow and evolve. When my inner voice has reached for me in a moment of truth, I managed to hold on to it and take my first step out of the corporate drama. Not to leave for good, but to return stronger and with my life in my own hands. To inspire through a story of my own transformation of professional life’s perspective.

Through times I learnt that this was only a detour on my path, which happens to almost every one of us. It makes us feel like something is missing, but yet society is trying to make us the same someone who we do not want to be. So, the question is, do we want to feel complete or do we want to belong? As social beings, we need both. And we can achieve it by pursuing our mission and through finding ourselves also attracting the right people to belong to. This statement has been proven over and over again as I am learning again and again, asking my global inspirer of the day for precious helpful pieces of their thoughts. Their answer strongly seems to be the following:

“… We are all very different, but yet so alike, having this one deep secret that we all share in life: our endless desire to be accepted as we authentically are, without judgment.”

Personal Wellbeing as an Inspiration
for Professional Success in a Wild Corporate World

Everything begins within ourselves. So, as an inspirer, I should begin with my personal mantra that I have learned to follow through my personal and professional experience:

“Each day is a new opportunity for learning, teaching, leading and inspiring by example how to live fulfilling, yet responsible life, through being in physical, physiological, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual balance.”

Through hours of coaching, managing and leading, life had shown me that when I was in balance, my achievements could reach the highest, my fulfilment felt the deepest, and my acts were the most inspiring. As well as in personal life everything got easier, I gained even more capacity for professional success.

Applying this philosophy to my work, building interdisciplinary personal well-being at all organizational levels seemed like the best way to do it. Practicing 4 basic pillars of well-being learned through a personal transformation: balance of Sports, Relaxation, Healthy Nutrition and a good night sleep was a great opportunity I was given. Amazed by the success of authentic leadership, performed in a way of leading by example and taking care of everyone’s well-being in the organization, it was my genuine desire to pass it on towards each and every employee on all organizational levels.

Be the Inspirer. Be Your True Self.

While being healthy is a foundation, another important aspect has to be approached in order to achieve our objective. Here, I have authenticity in mind. As we are true to ourselves, we can show the path to others and they will follow. My experience in corporate has shown me that the most charismatic leaders profoundly believed every word they were saying, every task they were assigning, every plan they were plotting. Through every action, they were following their mission and were in tune with their moral values. In them, I saw what was the other compound to the formula of success. It became clear to me that this was what I wanted to achieve myself. To follow my inner voice and reach for the best I can give to the world. Soon I learnt that by being my true Self, I was also being an Inspirer.

At some point through my transformation, development of a wholesome approach to inspirational leadership, based on well-being was revealed to me naturally, on its own. And today I am grateful to be able to offer 3-level interdisciplinary Inspirational Package to you and your employees:

Executive Wellbeing
for Executive Managers

The World is waiting for you to lead through an authentic desire for, firstly, your own, and right after, each and every one of your employees’ well-being. Are you ready for an amazing transformation?

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Workshops for Inspirational
for Middle Managment

Being ready to invest time and develop skills to improve our leading abilities, is one of the biggest milestones for us and our employees – and at the same time a great contribution to the world we live in.

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Inspirational & Motivational
for a whole organization

Years, I’ve been sharing my suggestions, thoughts, personal discoveries, struggles, determination, and the results of my own transformation. These were real stories coming straight from my heart – to you.

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at the end of the day,
the strongest need
of all of us
is to be accepted
and understood exactly
as we are.”

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