A rainbow of 365 world citizens’ stories – a story
back to my true Self.

It was once a distant dream. It’s a project today. Hopefully, it will one day be my helpful legacy to all readers, willing to find a way back to themselves.

It’s a book in progress.

What is a story of 365 days with my Global Inspirers about?

It is a book about the 365 Inspirers, about the paths of life from citizens from all over the world, including myself. My strong belief is that initiative has to come from within, so I began the narration by telling a story of my personal journey back to my true Self. After my personal introduction, inspirational thoughts were listed for every day of a year with accompanying stories of their authors. These inspirations are very special, because they come from all over the world – mostly from people, who I’ve met personally, and also, sometimes from the spirits of the nature, subtly giving us lessons to learn and follow in order to improve our wellbeing through a path back to ourselves and our true calling.

How my 365 Project Happened

Wanderlust. A word that describes the place, where traveler’s ideas come to life. It is really like they say; as I had something in myself, encouraging me to travel as much as I can, to get to know as many different people and cultures as possible, and to learn from everyone and everything who and that speaks to me. Traveling – physical and spiritual – was my saviour, as the book itself describes. And at some point, a gently persistent voice started to whisper to me, keeping to tell me to share my story with everyone – to serve my personal experience and feelings on the plate as an inspiration for everyone to start feeling accepted and living a life they always wanted.

365 Inspirers - my family's inspiration
365 inspirers - Sarfraz’s inspiration

365 days with My Global Inspirers

For a year, I have dedicated myself to each single day share one inspiration of my global inspirers. Inspirational thoughts are sometimes long and complicated, sometimes they are straightforward and easy to agree with, sometimes they are humorous, and sometimes they make us think very very seriously. What they all have in common is a genuine wish to give something good to the world, to inspire, motivate and empower each and every reader.

My inspirers come from different worlds, cultures, generations, occupations … sometimes they come from history, our imagination, lifestyle, or nature itself. It’s amazing, how easily we can get inspired if we just open up our hearts to receiving the wisdom of life.

When communicating with all my 365 inspirers, I have come to a conclusion, a discovery. We all feel the need to be accepted, approved, and supported for our own authentical being to feel well and accomplish our mission here on Earth.

Excerpts from the Book of 365 Inspirers

/…/ One of the greatest spiritual challenges is to heal the wounds in ourselves. Understand and support the hurt inner child. Masculine and feminine energies have to put themselves down to the bottom of the long fight for the supremacy. It’s time for both of them to rise again together, as one cannot exist without the other. /…/

/…/ I think it is wonderful to have loving and supportive people in our lives, but it is equally important not to rely on them for strength, support and emotional security. As we learn to become our own masters, we need to master all levels of our being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Teja /…/

/…/ “Normal is an illusion Sasa! What is normal for the spider; is chaos for the fly. So which “normal” will you be?” Joe /…/

/…/ “This is how a retired physicist looks like, Sasa. Locked in his garage provisory lab trying to be creative, finding out ways to make some special parts for my new Project that otherwise only NASA could afford. That’s what being innovative is all about, and for sure never boring.” Erik /…/

Is the 365 Inspirers Book already Available?

Following the pace that my soul is dictating, I like to let things take their own time and go the way they are naturally meant to. I believe that everything happens at the right time for the right reason. Thus, for now, we decided to keep the project as it is – as a community of people, inspired by life, to contribute to the daily inspirations. As the 365 days are going by, every single day I am posting to my Instagram and Facebook profile a new thought, a message from the daily Inspirer. Feel free to join by following me and keeping tuned every day or contribute your own thought by sending it to sasa@sasabozic.com.

Also, feel welcome to check out my personally-professional blog about the Inspiration, Wellbeing, and Leadership. Heads up, I’ll be posting more excerpts from the 365 Inspirers book there. 😉

“Because, at the end of the day, the strongest need of all of us is to be accepted and understood exactly as we are.”

365 Inspirers Book author Sasa