Who Am I and
What Is My Message?

I am Sasa,

Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend. Inspirer. Wellness Coach, Inspirational Storyteller, Corporate Manager and Leader, Entrepreneur, Traveller … all these are roles I take on daily. Roles that make my personality complete and my path of life joyful and full of pleasant adventures. Deeply grateful for my personal and professional transformation to which I owe the place I am in, I feel and believe that in order to fulfil my mission in this World I have to follow my deepest values and guidelines. Sharing my transformational stories is the simplest – but yet most transparent and honest way to open new paths to inspiration and personal contentment to each and every individual. With one sentence: I need and wish to »pay it forward«.

About Sasa's Inspiration -searching for true self

My Story: Life Transformation for Personal Inspiration

When living gets hard and soul gets tired, it is time for a change. But a simple change is not always enough. Sometimes we need to go through a mysterious transformation of a whole concept of living just to come back to ourselves. We have to start trusting our own intuition and take a step into a land that our reasonable mind is not yet able to see, but our spirit does.

Living life as I was taught from a western world I have lived in, had always seemed to be the most logical way of moving from day to day, task to task, role to role … Not knowing how to do it differently, it took a tool of my health, my relationships, my personal contentment. I was not being myself, living a life of many people in this world, caught in a corporate drama with no escape. That’s at least how it felt.

But I learned through hours of searching for what I was missing, that never is never – never. Taking therapies and coaching sessions have brought me back to myself. It helped me find the balance of four main pillars to one’s well-being: sports, relaxation, healthy nutrition and a good night sleep. This personal mantra of many successful people has helped me gain strength and health to start living a life I felt called for.

About Sasa's Inspiration - fit in Dubai

The closer I was to the east, the more lessons crossed my life-path, and the more inspiration came my way. The attraction of openness and calmness from India and challenges and possibilities of Middle East were too strong to ignore and in my heart, being there felt like I was finally home. Through meeting like-minded people, working on personal growth, and coaching sessions I got the opportunity to provide, the world was slowly opening and life started to become full of big opportunities, little joys, unforgettable moments of positivity, and most of all, every day greater sense of being on the right path.

At some point, all puzzles started to fall into place and life prepared me to feel strong enough to take a step out of a corporate drama. I stood up for myself, took a good look from the outside and realised – we do not need all this. Sure, it is there. We are sorry that’s how it is. Inspired by life itself again, I realised: We can do so much about it!

We are ready to make a change. And the change can only start within ourselves.

About Sasa the Inspirer -health and wellness expo 2016 India

About Sasa's Inspiration - family

I believe, that beginning to write my new story in a corporate world shouldn’t mean ignoring the drama, the hurt, or the pain of employees on all organizational levels, struggling for success.

I just don’t want to increase it by personalizing it. My idea is to take a responsible and constructive approach toward a positive change and empowerment of everyone to be a human being freely expressing their authentic feelings and increasing their lust for life.

This is what taking responsibility for my own life really means to me. And this is how I feel I could contribute.

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