During my 365 Inspirers Project, I was inspired by the Desert and Self-Growth. Therefore, on my FB and IG profiles, I’ve written: “I invite u guys to join me in the desert and feel the serenity and peacefulness of the place. I love it.” And besides this line, I’ve also shared something special that morning. It was a video instead of the photo. And in this video, my proposal for you was to find and enjoy the serenity that comes from the place you enjoy and that makes you feel relaxed.

I hope you’ve tried and that it will do you well. But how does this actually work? Let me explain, how I understand it by presenting this simple technique of anchoring.

Process of Learning to Anchor Serenity

Becoming a coach, I’ve come across to this interesting anchoring technique. It caught my attention because on its basis it’s all about teaching your brain to make you feel good no matter the circumstances. And this is exactly what I needed at that time – to learn how to call back the feeling of serenity at the most difficult moments.

Whether it’s business or private life, being capable of serenity is an important thing. Simply because it helps us to keep calm in the difficult situations in life. As usually calmness is the saviour of these situations, it’s great to be able to use it, right?

For me, the simplest way to learn it was through the anchoring technique. It takes a little patience and persistence – depends on every trainee. But once you own it, you can become a winner in every situation you face. No matter how complicated it seems.

Why or What Do We Anchor?

By anchoring, we actually store a certain memory and connect it with feelings. Actually, we anchor the feelings to our “happy places” – and these places are stored in our mind. The theory says that we connect certain external or internal trigger, such as smell, view, taste, with the internal response. Then later, when we want to recall that internal response, we simply re-trigger it again and again.

As I mentioned in the vlog, for me, the trigger is the desert. Its calmness and infinity are so impressive that it just leaves me speechless and makes me re-set the priorities in life. It’s a place where I calm down and connect with my true self. There, I find the serenity I need to keep strong, focused, and true to myself, my values and expectations that I have for my current life here on Earth. It’s great because I found this anchor instinctively and thus it was a lot easier to internalize it. So, I believe it is important to find something that really speaks to our soul – like the desert speaks to mine.

Recalling the Serenity by Thinking of the Desert

At one moment when being there in the middle of it, I realised that dessert is my anchor. The view of the sand all around. Feeling the warmth and wind blowing through my hair. Just sitting there in the middle of the never-ending land that seems to be so far away from the city. The contrast is even more obvious when I am in Dubai as life there is really fast. Don’t get me wrong – I love to be there because as much as it is intense, it is also rewarding! All I wanted to say was that the contrast makes the desert event quieter and calmer. And all this is why I picked it as my anchor for serenity.

When I am in the desert I feel serene. When I want to feel serene, I picture the desert and the feelings are re-triggered with what I imagine in my mind.

So, what is your anchor?

365 days with my Global Inspirers Day 205/ Desert/ SelfGrowth: “I invite u guys to join me in the desert and feel the serenity and peacefulness of the place. I love it.”

Objavil/a Sasa Bozic dne 15. november 2017

Original video can be found on my FB profile.