Executive Wellbeing Coaching:
Leading by an Authentic Healthy Example

In a flood of corporate drama, it sometimes feels like we should shut our door and just be human for a moment or two. And it’s true, we should, I learned it hard way and now I am warmly recommending it through an Executive Wellbeing Coaching sessions with my customers. But the real question is, how to do it when there is always someone trying to be faster, more efficient, better, and more successful. Daily alertness to keeping ourselves standing out from all the noise on the market seems to be the only way to success. But at the same time, this fast-paced corporate culture is drowning our real selves deep into the un-wellness and, sadly, too many times even into sickness.

What if I told you that you don’t have to? Could you believe me if I told you that I’ve been there? Because the dynamic personality that I was blessed by is not only a great helper to professional achievements but also a great helper to burning ourselves out. Help you to avoid such exhaustion – or overcome it if it already happened is what Executive Wellbeing Coaching is all about. And from my personal experience I can say, it does help.

Because, for me too, there came a time, when life itself said: “Stop! – Or I will stop you.” The time, when I was forced to take a breath and realise that successful leadership does not come from firm demands – especially towards myself. It comes from an authentic healthy example. – I am so grateful I mastered it through the Executive Wellbeing Coaching sessions with my first mentor and coach, Teja. – On top of that, through my professional experience, I learned that the world is waiting for someone to look up to. It becomes clear, that being that someone, means being a healthy, confident, strong human being, simply following given mission. But we can only fulfil our mission if we are healthy and feel well.

“World is waiting for you to lead through an authentic desire for, firstly, your own, and right after, each and every one of your employees’ well-being.”

It might seem complicated, but once it becomes part of your own being, it is the simplest and only logical way to lead life, business, employees. Let me show you how through a Wholesome Executive Coaching Session.

Executive Wellbeing Coaching by Sasa, Inspirer

Executive Wellbeing Coaching Benefits

Executive’s Benefits

Find Your Authenticity

Align with your true self. Learn what drives you, what makes you act and react the way you do. Find the best in yourself and share it among your employees. They will be happy to follow. On the other hand, accept what you don’t like about yourself and learn to love it as well.

Increase Your Well-being

By feeling better about yourself and learning methods and techniques for leading a healthy balanced life, you will soon feel and see the effect of our sessions. Because to be well, we need physical, physiological, psycho-social, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Learn How to “Self-coach”

At some point, you shouldn’t need me anymore. – Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you if you’ll feel like talking to someone. – But in moments when you won’t be able to reach to me for a deep conversation (e. g. at business meetings), you’ll be safe by knowing what to do.

Company Benefits

More Positive Work Approach

Creating a positive atmosphere within oneself brings positivity out and all over the place. Executives with positive attitude towards their employees, business challenges, cause a chain reaction of positivity all over the company.

Better Focus

Following the values aligned with their own, the executives will be able to focus on the common goals of every participant of the company; the shareholders, owners, employees, customers, and themselves. All together following one goal can only lead to success.

Overall Performance Improvement

“When the head is in the right place, the whole body works better.” It has been proven that employees who trust their leaders are more effective and bring more profits to the company. When knowing that their leaders are at the right place, the right things will happen.

Wholesome Executive Wellbeing Coaching Package

Developed on the base of my personal and professional experience, created to bring results, the Wholesome Executive Coaching Package includes:

  • 3 days of 2-3 hours of intense coaching sessions
  • Testing at the beginning and the end of the coaching to see your progress
  • Personalized approach, fitted to your needs and requirements
  • Personal leadership & well-being profile analysis
  • Relaxation techniques training

Being inspired is a great foundation for your professional improvement, based on the personal well-being. However, as a great executive, you may someday wish to pass it on to the managers and employees of your organization. I can help there, too:

Others about my work …

  • Lidija Honzak Testimonial for Executive Coach Sasa, Inspirer
    “Saša is the best person to connect you with the right people all over the world. I know her for many years and I appreciate her positive energy and efficiency. I believe this is the reason why connections she established end up with good business collaborations.”
    Lidija Honzak, PhD
    General Manager and Executive Coach, LUI Ljubljana University Incubator
  • Ksenja Volk Executive Wellbeing Coaching Testimonial
    “Saša and I connected through a set of circumstances, more precisely, through a phrase Saša mentioned at a seminar I attended. Somehow the “personal brand” would not leave my thoughts and after a few months I looked her up and with her help began developing my own path in practice. My focus had been business, business, business. But with Saša I realized that in order to set a good base for my personal business success, I must first manage myself, since I am at the base of all that I do. Through working with Saša I learned what it really means to “be the creator of your life,” how this is actually done in practice. My life has turned upside down. In a good way. Into a courageous, loving and feminine me – Freya Lupo.”
    Ksenja Volk
    fashion designer, owner / Freya Lupo brand
  • “To work together with Saša is WORTH IT. Because every day feels like a bundle of good things, good ideas and realized wishes. And a bundle of good feelings you can take home after a work is done. To work with Saša is PLEASANT, because she works with feeling and honest engagement. It's SMART, because with her you can create and write new, yet unwritten stories. And it is a CHALLENGE, because Saša poses people and things a mirror. I believe that Saša's mirrors will always reflect back more bright eyes and happier people. Working with Saša Božič is worth it. Together with her, new, smart ideas can quickly be realised.”
    Valentina Božič
    Director of Marketing and Sales, Sava Hotels & Resorts
  • Jolita Sabonyte testimonial, Sasa Inspirer, Executive Wellbeing Coaching
    “I met Sasa just socially one day, by pure luck, in Dubai. We certainly seemed to click from the start. I have always found Saša a very warm and approachable person and I was intrigued by her spirit, enthusiasm and determination. She is an exceptionally observant person and seemingly gets to know you in detail very quickly, attributes that make her an excellent coach. I have no hesitation in saying that she has had a positive effect on my personal life and still keeps inspiring me. She is a rare person and a pleasure to know.”
    Jolita Sabonyte
    Business Development Manager / Petronor Group, Dubai, UAE