Inspirational & Motivational Speaker:
Sharing My Inspiration with Everyone

Achieving one’s goals means having them and knowing how to reach for them. Through inspiration, we reason our calling, our purpose, our meaning in this world. We answer the question “Why do we want to be who we want to be?” or “Why do we want to do what we want to do?” And when we learn that, we need the motivation to go for it. Motivation is a path, a how to our why, it’s our focus, our drive. It’s what makes us overcome the obstacles and get to the point that we were inspired to reach. My motivation and inspiration come from an authentic story of big life transformation. Seems like my path itself has brought me a new role of being Inspirational Speaker.

“Because, at the end of the day, the strongest need of all of us is to be accepted and understood exactly as we are.”

Sasa inspirational speaker at FICCI conference

Main Theme: Transformation of Life’s Perception:
From Victim to Creator

One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves these days is how to transform a life perception form every day drama into life-fulfilling moments. To help the answer to this question reach every single human being, I feel honoured and at the same time called out to share story about my own transformation, journey from corporate world to my true self. And then my return back into the corporate environment to contribute with my whole heart through leading by example.

Allow me to inspire you with my personal story…


  • Life-balance in a corporate lifestyle
  • Anti-stress: how to reduce stress
  • Let’s be Human in a robotized world
  • Profound journey back to the true Self


  • Corporate
    Refresh your corporate event with a personal real-life story of a top management professional.
  • HR management oriented events, courses & workshops
    What did it take to become a leader I wanted to be and how did it affect the success of the organization?
  • Private or business event
    A story about a personal transformation of taking time out of a corporate world to come back authentic.


  • Keynote speaker
  • Wellbeing speaker
  • Leadership speaker
  • Inspirational speaker
  • Motivational speaker

Grateful to take Part at the Events …

  • For the second year in a row, I was honoured by invitation to the World Health and Wellness Congress and Awards, event that brings together like-minded leaders at a common platform with the objective enhancing knowledge, networking & meaningful discussion to the theme & sub-theme of the Congress. The topic of the Panel at the World Health and Wellness Congress I have been participating in was about the Doctors & Patients relationships. About mistakes, lawsuits, mistrust. Honestly, I couldn’t contribute much, except by trying to reverse the views on the relationship. Instead of competing who’s right and who’s wrong, let’s unite in oneness and collaborate, or even better co-create. More about it in a short video from the conference. Besides being the panel speaker, I also feel grateful for being one in hundred given an award for Most Impactful Healthcare Leader.
    World Health and Wellness Congress and Awards 2018, Mumbai, India
  • “As an Executive Wellbeing Coach, Start-up Mentor and Founder of Executive Wellbeing Institute, originally from Slovenia (EU), but a resident of Dubai and mainly working in UAE and India, I told two stories at the Women Economic Forum in Hague. The first one was about an 18 yr old startup enthusiast and the second one was about a great innovative idea that was born within a corporate environment. The closure was about the importance of a bold and positive mindset when dealing with Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups.”
    Women Economic Forum, Hague, Netherlands
  • Kamniski-forum
    “New challenge: Being active in Nutrition industry by helping my client Nektar Natura to promote natural fruit & vegetable juices and educate HoReCa sector on the importance of healthy food and beverages for their guests in more than 14 countries in Europa and Asia.”
    Kamniski forum, Slovenia
  • World Health and Wellness Congress and Awards Speaker Testimonial
    “Invitation to the World Health and Wellness Congress and Awards in Mumbai was a big surprise. I knew that I was putting a lot of effort, professional and personal involvement into my visits in India with one single goal: to bring more preventive health into the companies and private lives of the residents. But being told about it and even chosen for one of 50 most Outstanding Women in Health Care is an incredible honour. As an initiator of the wholesome approach to the wellbeing of Indian employees, I took part in this amazing congress due to the fact that my "heart and passion lie in empowering the people of India to be more conscious towards preventive health initiatives, in their personal lives as well as in their work environment". Thank you, World Health Congress for this amazing opportunity and gesture.
    World Health and Wellness Congress and Awards, Mumbai, India
  • Sasa Inspirer - Ficci Heal Speaker Testimonial
    “At FICCI Heal I was speaking about preventive health care in a shape of personal empowerment of leading a healthy lifestyle. Being able to present a mobile and web solution I was promoting at that time brought me a great experience of communicating with the Indian audience about the mobile apps, health, motivation, data safety, and opportunities for providing workplace wellbeing programs for employees in the Indian organizations. I am still grateful for this amazing role I was offered to contribute as a speaker toa this inspiring discussion about healthcare in India.
    FICCI Heal Conference, New Delhi, India