For storytellers, writing a personal blog is one of the most natural ways of expressing our minds through different stories from our lives. It’s amazing how the invention of world wide web has brought us right to this point where everything is so much easier. We can write, speak, take photos, express ourselves in numerous ways and hand our deepest thoughts and personal experience on a platter to be available for everyone – for their own inspiration.

As an inspirer, I do not only feel grateful for living in times where all this technology supports us to stay connected and close, although physically we are very far. Actually, it sometimes makes me feel like it’s my duty to use it. It’s here, it’s available, it’s meant to do good. And what else are we meant to be doing than good? At least, this is what our most authentic intentions are. To believe in the better world and do something to make it better.

Thank you, www and its inventors, for offering me numerous options, including my personal blog, to stay in touch, share my stories, and inspire as widely and profoundly as possible. And speak to those who might find my stories comforting and encouraging to take new steps towards their own balance and contentment.

Main Topics

In blog posts that will be available to everyone like minded, I would like to write about the things that made my heart beat faster, my brain build new neuro-connections, and my soul feels like I belong. I am looking forward to presenting you stories that awaken, taught, and touched me the most. Allow me to sum my fav things up in 3 main inspiring topics listed below:

General Wellbeing

Because it all starts with ourselves. When we feel good, we can do good. Also, when we do good, we can feel good. How it’s all based on 4 pillars of eating balanced meals, doing sports, having a good sleep, and developing relaxation techniques. And how it’s all connected and interlaced. Did you know that learning good habits leads to an infinite loop of feeling and being well?

Inspiration and Transformation

Going through different stages in life, we are likely to be looking for inspiration for our personal development; spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical. Being a better human is the goal of my inspirational and transformational blog posts. And my strong belief is that our next evolution stage as a humanity is actually being humane.  Thus, blog posts on this topic are meant to contribute to it.

Leadership and Management

How to lead? How to manage ourselves and then others? New leading approaches are being presented every day. Open-minded, big-hearted and good-willing leaders are sharing their own lessons how to do their best at the positions they have. But let us put that wider; we are all leaders on some level. And when we are leading with our best honest intentions, we can create a better life for ourselves and everyone around us.

Posting Plans and Discussion Guidelines for My Personal Blog

An honest wish and a good plan of mine are to post at least once per week about my personal experiences that you may find interesting and engaging. Through living my own mission, I will try to the best find stories for my personal blog. Stories, that could be helpful for you in many possible ways: to inspire, to make you feel better when you are down or to make you laugh when you are stressed.

I would also like to invite you to contribute – by commenting and sharing your own experiences. There’s just one thing I’d like you to keep in your heart and mind while doing so; be good and authentic. Treat others the way you wish you’d be treated. Being grateful for trusting your own good judgement of appropriate content, that’s the only “commenting policy” I’ll have. Thank you. <3

P.s. Would you like to subscribe? If yes, please, let me know.

Personally, I will be sending you updates from my blog, notes about the events I’ll be attending, and other interesting thoughts. I plan to do it monthly to keep you up to date.