I believe that our own health can be the best inspiration for success.

On this beautiful September evening, my memories took me back to India, the country of my heart. And the great opportunity I had bringing knowledge on leading a healthy team to the most amazing organizations has crossed my mind again. Let me tell you about it …

Why leading a healthy team is important?

When you have a team to lead, it’s not only about the profits that make your team successful, it’s also about the wellbeing of each and every member. Thus, being a leader not only means setting and checking on the given tasks or measuring the work progress and efficiency. It’s also about paying attention to the changes in the health of every member of your team.

When was the last time you really took a good look at your colleagues’ faces? Can you say if there was a time when a person from your team had really big bags under their eyes? Or maybe someone looked suspiciously pale? Did you ask them about it and show concern?

Many pieces of research say that workplace wellbeing increases employees’ loyalty, efficiency, focus, and also contributes to the overall costs decreasing sick leaves, fluctuation etc.

Things like backbone problems, eye diseases, neck pain, diabetes, stress, burnout … they all come from an intense and fast-paced contemporary lifestyle. Thus, if you want to have your employees on board all the time, you have to invest in their health. How to support your team to eat well, sleep enough, do sports regularly and relax when they feel too stressed? It’s never simple, but that does not mean we may stop putting effort into it!

I can assure you that, due to a story of my personal experience on that topic.

A Story about the Workplace Wellbeing Workshops in Indian Companies

During my career, I once had a great project that brought me the opportunity of bringing information and education about workplace wellbeing to India, the country of my heart. With a lot of good intentions, our team was warmly welcomed by the greatest companies in India. There we were presenting ways of maintaining health to different groups of employees.

But just before I started to work with groups of employees, who were participating our wellbeing program, I had had to meet their leader or manager to arrange the whole process. For sure, I was expecting all the best from the greatest names of the Indian economy. Yet, I was surprised by their willingness of doing good for their teams. They were just as excited as we were to start with the program and help the employees increase their wellbeing. However, there was a catch. While company gave the employees all the equipment and support for their lifestyle improvement, employees had also to participate actively on their own.

Our program was based on a long-term lifestyle change that would bring greater wellbeing to the participants. The way we believed, employee wellbeing program should work. The test groups who took the program have all made certain progress. On top of that, some individuals who took it especially seriously were amazed what they had achieved in past months. For example, some employees started losing weight due to a regular workout. Others were more engaged and felt more energized, third ones just felt the connection in the group.

What I learned …

Sure, I am a person of action and experiment. I have to see the results to believe that the method works. With all the enthusiasm I can say, that here many benefits showed true – especially for the most engaged members of our teams. But what I also learned from that experience is that workplace wellbeing begins in private life. However, employers have to support it at the company. We have to understand that about 1/3 of adult life is spent at one’s workplace! So, if we put it the other way around, workplace wellbeing is also a great start in transforming one’s lifestyle into a healthier one.

And here, let me ask you … how could we say no to such a great opportunity for our personal contribution to the better tomorrow of us all? 😉

So, if you are ready for a change to better, but still a bit uncertain how to approach it, I am here for you.