Daily tasks are eating minutes, hours, and even years of our time. Running from one meeting to another, leading a project or working on a pitch, picking children from school and making family dinner, watching an evening program on TV just to spend some time together with your partner, but falling asleep on the sofa instead … does that sound like another day of your life, too? It certainly does sound like mine – with one small addition that can have a significant impact; my morning ritual.

It consists of the happiness habits I have included in my life since the beginning of my transformation. – And my experience is great. Waking up early helps me fit all the things that fill me up with energy and enthusiasm, in the busy schedule and spend early morning hours working on my personal development.

Everyone Can Find Their Own Morning Ritual…

…but there are some morning habits that successful people have in common. Did you know that Disney CEO Bob Iger gets up at 4:30 to read? And that most executives wake up before 6 a.m. during the workdays? It may be painful to wake up before dawn. Yet, researchers say you can make it easier by getting into bed earlier and by doing so also contribute to the quality of your sleep.

Trying it yourself, you’ll see how much can these early morning hours bring to your schedule. You have time to exercise and make your body running in all ways necessary to start the day successfully. Let’s begin with the workout, which is known to increase the happiness hormones in our body – and what is better for a leader than start the day with positivity? 🙂

To move, think and work we need fuel. So, for a good morning breakfast, the best is food rich in proteins, not carbs – as some might believe. And besides physical food, we need to nurture our mind and soul, too. Thus, successful people recommend to use quiet morning hours to think about the things that are dearest to you – may it be working on your current top priorities in life that feel like they are slipping through your fingers again and again or maybe to work on the side project you never find time for.

Include Your Loved Ones into Your Morning Ritual or Just Enjoy the Silence

Busyness is many times as well relationship “destroyers” … so maybe mornings are also good to reconnect with partners before you go to work or before other members of the family get up. However, don’t take it as a must. The pleasant quietness of an early morning is also a great opportunity to meditate, do yoga or other mindful activity. More and more executives tell me that practising mindfulness helps them focus and calm down.

Could Body & Soul Fulfilling Morning Ritual Be a Present You’ll Give Yurself for Holidays?

December has come with all the bliss and happiness. It’s time for celebrations, new beginnings, times when we make promises to ourselves and exchange gifts with each other. But why not give something special to ourselves this year?

For these Holidays, I wish you to find what makes your life healthier and more fulfilling, and to include these things into your morning ritual.

You can try out some of mentioned above if they look interesting to you, or you can find your own. – Because, each of us is their own person and something that fits me doesn’t necessarily fit you, too. I warmly recommend you to look into yourself and your authenticity will tell you what to do. Still, if it wouldn’t, just let me know and I’ll be there to help you dig in.

Happy festive season to all! 😀