We, people, have a funny attitude towards the water, although it’s said to be the source of life. In the driest lands, there are wars being fought for any spring or artesian well. But at the same time, the western world acts like it’s mocking the nature by not using its fresh fluid sources and just forgets about the proper hydration.

It all seems like a real modern world challenge…but the good thing is that we can conqueer it! 😉 Let’s see, how …

Proper Hydration Means More than Drinking Water

Living healthy is one of the greatest challenges of the modern world. Out of all, the proper hydration is much more complex than it may seem at the first sight. Most people think it’s only about drinking water, tea, or any other fluid. But it’s not like that at all – being properly hydrated actually means to have body-fluids in balance that can offer our cells, organs, and systems everything they need for their functioning.

Hydration means providing the optimal amount of water, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that make us healthy and strong, physically and psychologically. Opposite to that, dehydration means that all these substances are not in balance – whether we consume too little or too much water, too little essential nutrients or maybe even superabundance of them.

In order to feel well, one has to take the proper hydration – meaning consumption of enough fluids AND essential nutrients – very seriously.

How Dehydration Affects Our Physical and Psychological Wellbeing

Scientists have proven that dehydration can seriously affect our health. Not only that consuming too little water can have a bad impact on our appearance (dry and pale skin, cracked lips …), it can also lower our performance. And, did you know that the short-term health effects of dehydration can present themselves as delirium, constipation, headaches, tiredness, or even lower blood pressure?

Thus, when speaking about the wellbeing at the workplace, we have to understand that with proper hydration, your employees will not only be able to feel, but also perform better. Because – if I should speak for myself and some of my friends who realised it too – when I am busy with work and excited about a new project, I totally forget to drink. Unless I keep my fluid container at the reach of my hand. And, even worse, when I have a not-so-healthy drink at the reach of my hand, I’ll just have it, because it is so convenient!

Effect of Changing Hydration Habits to Increase the Wellbeing at the Workplace

In order to increase my wellbeing, I decided to replace any handy energy or sugary drinks – that seem great quick-fixes – with water, unsweetened tea or even drinks that have nutrients added – so something that might actually help me feel better in the long term. And I must say that the effect of doing so is amazing.

But not only that – lately I have also noticed that drinkig water is “contagious”. Meaning, when I get myself a glass of water, there are colleagues that get reminded about it, too. So as a team member or a leader I am more than happy to see that just by being myself working on my own wellbeing, I can help other people work on their own. Just as I was describing in one of my prevous posts on authentic leadership.

To conclude in spirit of empowerment and creation of a better tomorrow, I warmly recommend you to take on a challenge of proper hydration as well. And if you need any ideas how to help your employees to make sure to hydrate well, you can always brainstorm them with me. 🙂