Workshops for Inspirational Leaders:
Only when we ourselves are inspired, we can inspire others.

When was the last time someone asked you: “How do you feel today?” and really meant it? I am asking you now. How do you feel? Have you ever been inspired for living up to your full potential? Let me tell you that it feels great. And it comes naturally from within ourselves. Workshops for Inspirational Leaders are my way of gently bringing the sense into your daily professional challenges. However, the most inspired leaders are actually those who can then pass this sense forward to their teams and help them find the inspiration exactly where it seems to be waiting for us to wake it up.

Because when looking for inspiration, we often forget that the key is hidden in the manifestation of who we are, using our strengths to contribute and overcoming our flaws by understanding and accepting them. Therefore, taking responsibilities for our own lives empowers everyone, not only ourselves. However difficult it may seem, it is worth the results.

“Becoming an inspirational leader takes a lot of work and devotion. Leadership brings a great responsibility for your own and your employees’ well-being and consequently performance.”

Being ready to invest your time and develop skills to improve your leading abilities, is one of the biggest milestones for you and your employees. And at the same time a great contribution to the world we live in. Therefore through my Workshops for inspirational Leaders, I can promise you my full support through your own transformation towards being who you want to be – and your followers need you to be.

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Inspirational Leadership Workshops Benefits

Benefits for Inspired Leaders

Get Inspired

Find your inspiration through a group workshop and individual coaching. What leads you in private life, affect your professional life. And only when those two are aligned, we are able to operate like a one whole person to follow and share your true inspiration.

Improve Your Leadership

Learn or enhance your soft techniques and methods to keep your employees engaged, motivated, and efficient. Let your gentle side out and use it to get closer to your team. Become one of the inspirational leaders and see how it affects your employees’ performance.

Feel Good

Taking care of your well-being is essential for good performance at work. Together we will learn how to feel good in our own skin in order to empower ourselves and our leadership. Consequently, the impact on the workflow “down the ladder” will soon be visible.

Company Benefits

Improved Relationships

They say that real leaders help their employees and support them. Through learning to trust yourself they’ll be able to trust their co-workers. Close relationships and close interpersonal relationships are an essential base of social well-being, feeling of safety and reliability.

Empowered Employees

Inspiring leaders are role models to everyone around them just by being as they are. Over all, by understanding and compassion, they are also able to learn about employees’ needs and find effective ways to empower them to do good work and stay loyal to the company.

Overall Performance Improvement

“When the head is in the right place, the whole body works better.” It has been proven that employees who trust their leaders are more effective and bring more profits to the company. When knowing that their leaders are at the right place, the right things will happen.

Inspirational Leaders Workshops Package

Developed on base of my personal and professional experience, created to bring results, the Inspirational Leaders Workshop Package includes:

  • 8-hour group workshop for up to 20 participants
  • ½ hour of individual coaching to personalize the gained knowledge
  • Tests about authentic leadership in the whole company
  • Analysis of leadership performance
  • Suggestions for further measures in a form of guidance e-book

Besides helping to develop the inspirational leadership approach among the managers of the organization, to give a little more support, I can also provide:

Others about my work …

  • Usha Banerjee Testimonial, Inspirational Leaders Workshop Sasa Inspirer
    Besides being a joy to work with, Sasa is a take-charge person whose ability to present creative ideas and craft strategic solutions is remarkable. A thorough professional and an excellent leader she drove 24alife program for Employee Wellness for my team. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Her professional demeanor and interpersonal skills are exemplary and my team was in awe of her. Her zeal and enthusiasm was the primary reason the program was highly successful. Her passion towards people is explicitly visible in her work, commitment and actions... She is the perfect example of purpose and prowess.  
    Capt. Usha Banerjee
    Director of Nursing at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, India
  • Rajesh Nair Testimonial - Inspirational Workshop Leaders
    Sasa comes across as very focused and highly motivated professional who is passionate about wellness and health and strongly believes in the enormous potential that this holds for organisations the world over, in terms of employee wellness, productivity, employee engagement and business performance. She draws her energy from people and people related matters and considers helping employees her calling in life!
    Rajesh Nair
    Head Business HR Corporate, Tata Motors
  • Patricija Turnsek Testimonial Workshops Sasa Inspirer
    “The right direction is crucial to follow the same objective in an organization. The brand I was working on had been developed into many different channels and communication messages and we had all been confused about which way to communicate the details. As a goal-oriented Marketing Communicational Manager, it was an enormous struggle for me to "push" the brand into the right direction as the direction was changing all the time. But then Sasa arrived. Through many workshops, I have quickly gathered the lost strings and pulled them together to push the brand into the right direction. But this was not the best thing that happened - above all I appreciate the personal approach to each of us in the team, struggling to bring the best on the plate and stay true to our hearts at the same time. Sasa showed us how and why we have to follow our own values through which we can accomplish any personal or professional goal.”
    Patricija Turnsek
    Marketing Communications Manager, Nektar Natura d.o.o.
  • “To work together with Saša is WORTH IT. Because every day feels like a bundle of good things, good ideas and realized wishes. And a bundle of good feelings you can take home after a work is done. To work with Saša is PLEASANT, because she works with feeling and honest engagement. It's SMART, because with her you can create and write new, yet unwritten stories. And it is a CHALLENGE, because Saša poses people and things a mirror. I believe that Saša's mirrors will always reflect back more bright eyes and happier people. Working with Saša Božič is worth it. Together with her, new, smart ideas can quickly be realised.”
    Valentina Božič
    Director of Marketing and Sales, Sava Hotels & Resorts